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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  March 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> sunday night. excitement and anticipation as both villanova and temple wait to hear from selection committee open the selection sunday. >> a well known search and rescue team joined police in the search for missing woman in montgomery county. >> big story on "action news" tonight is arrest of 20-year-old man in connection with shootings of two police officers in furgeson missouri. >> tonight the suspect says the officers were never his intended target. prosecutors say the suspect jeffery williams admitted he fired the shots and gun used was recovered.
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they add he told authorities he was firing at someone whom he had a dispute with and not the police officers. >> essentially what we charged him with is firing shots and it's possible at this time he was firing shots at someone other than the police but struck police officers. the charge is still assault in the first degree. class a felonies for striking those two officers. >> the gunfire erupted at the end of demonstration late wednesday night near the furgeson police headquarters after the chief there resigned. both officers were treated and released from the hospital. williams is held on $300,000 cash bond. >> and we're following developing story out of camden, new jersey where a teenage boy is shot in the face. it happened along the 3,000 block of le mul avenue before 4:00. it's believed the victim is between 14 and 16 years of age. in addition to being hit in the face he was also reportedly shot in the shoulder. victim was transported to the hospital. but no official word on his condition tonight. no arrests were made.
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>> and a body washed up open a beach in delaware this afternoon. investigators are working to determine the person's identity and cause of death. the body was discovered by someone walking along auguststein beach. >> upper merion township is asking for public's help finding a woman who walk out of sign stone in 34g two weeks ago. the 38-year-old king of prussia woman has not been seen since. kenneth moton has more on her disappearance. >> serve teams are all around this hospital near west germantown pike. heather gilette was here voluntarily when she walked out. there's been no signs of her. the focus is on this residential air and nearby farmland. >> search and rescue was onsite and at it again trying to find a trace of heather toled who fanished have einstein medical center montgomery east norriton. >> we're trying to reignite a
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little public awareness she is missing and because there's more of the public than there is of us and all we need is somebody to remember something. >> it's been a little more than two weeks thursday, february 26 when police say cameras captured the king of prussia woman walking out of the hospital. upper merion police say gilette who has a mental condition was dropped off here. she went in for treatment and registered and left before seen by a doctor. tilette is without medical, cash or form and disappearing like this sun like her according to family and friends. >> my optimistic view is she's hold up with a friend in philadelphia and not getting news of this and honkerred down. that's the most optimistic view i have on that. >> search and rescue team was the one involved in the search for missing college student shane montgomery and delaware county team kayhillman niev. it's possible 5' 2", 13 pounds only has the kloms on her back.
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red jacket, pink or gray police shirt. >> if we don't locate her today and find evidence of her being elsewhere, we're going to do some other areas in the upcoming days around here. >> upper merion township police are leading this investigation. but they're getting help from east norriton. give i'mer department a call if you have any information about this missing woman. reporting in east nor i son ton. kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news." >> in aston, delaware county a man lost control over his truck and went creeping into a home on hidden valley road. the vehicle traveled across the lawn and ended up in the living room. it happened 1:00 in the morning. you can seat impact caused significant damage to the house. the driver was taken into custody by police. >> several dozen gun rights supporters gathered at a montgomery county park this afternoon to protest a local gun ordinance. family for freedom rally was held in lower merion bala-cynwyd
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park. concerned gun owners of pennsylvania and fire owners against crime held the rally. the rule in lower merion does not ban legal arms from many parks but they believe it's too vague. they believe it should reg late not local jurisdictions they believe the local ordinance is illegal and plan to file a lawsuit. >> time to look at the weather. after a raw day yesterday it was cold and windy today. today is final sunday of winter and spring begins later this week and we're getting an early dose tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee joins us from the big board with a check of the forecast. >> hi there walter, we had a reminder we're officially in winter season. we had temperatures in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s. you knew that what you stepped outdoors today. right now coming in at 45 in philadelphia. 43 wilmington and 30 in the poconos along the coast in wildwood 45 degrees.
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7 in dover. and the other part of the story today is that we have those blustery winds out of the northwest. we gusted as high as 49 miles an hour and atlantic city 45 miles per hour. philadelphia coming in at 38 miles an hour clocking in at 37 there in millville. allentown gusts earlier today at 35 miles an hour. so of course it made a difference when you stepped outdoors. and currently wind chills are still in the 30s. it feels like 37 in the city and 32 in reading and current windchill in the poconos throw 6 and feels like 6 degrees in millville. we'll talk about what we can expect for the rest of tonight it will be turning clear with a few more breaks after the clouds move on out. milder air moves in for monday with a taste of spring. and the vernal equinox spring officially arrives later this week and we'll let you know if it will feel this way. all the details in the 7-day walter. >> thank you melissa. for sports lovers today is no ordinary sunday it's selection sunday if you're a member of
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'nova nation tonight is expected to be one kickoff in march madness with wildcats guaranteed in my money of ache one seed. david himry joins us fromville november why are they're waiting to see where the road for final four will begin with jay wright and his team. hi david. >> hi, walter, a lot of electricity on campus thanks to the basketball team and remarkable season. winners for the big east for the first time in 0 years this crowd erupted as selected number one seed in the east for ncaa tournament and fans were pumped up as they showed up for selection sunday. >> i'm so excited. i love watching basketball and they did really great last night and this weekend and we're super pumped. >> you ready for them to go all the way. >> yes i think we'll inwin the tournament i'm dietd it's cool we get to be here and experience it all and they're doing so well. we support our school.
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>> will this interfere with your study. >> ux m if my parents see this no it will not. no so. >> we have to go to the library. >> excuse me where are you going. >> to the library. >> i'm kidding we're actually going to selection sunday. >> that's what i figured you're. not studying tonight are you. >> maybe a little bit we'll see. >> yeah depends what seed we get. >> it's not just the students excited for many this is a family affair. mike mckol ski son mickey is a graduate coach with the team. >> i'm a proud daddy. >> how exciting is this for you. >> this is great. fortunately for us and villanova fans we've been making this a habit recently. but we don't take it for granted and we're enjoying the ride. and it's a ride this university family has been enjoying all season long. high pressure fully they'll enjoy that ride right on through april 6 of the national championship in indianapolis. the "action news" sports team is
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here as well. jamie apody will be long in a couple minutes with reactions from the coach and players to their selection as the number one seed in the east. live in villanova, david henrey, "channel 6 action news," walter, sarah. >> okay, david thank you. much more to come tonight on "action news." see how these volunteers are helping people halfway around the world. >> and early st. patrick's day celebration early in philadelphia. highlights forked parade in villanova city. >> jeff skversky has the latest on selection sunday coming up in sports when "action news" comes right back
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> there was a billing show of irish pride as philadelphia celebrated st. patrick's day. pipeers from the philadelphia emerald society were in full reg ailia as they led a selection into church in centerer city.
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after a mass they spilled into the streets for the annual st. patrick ace district attorney parade. philadelphia's parade is second oldest in the nation behind boston. it draws thousands into the city to celebrate all things irish. >> 00 people from chester county gave a bit of their time today to help people who will likely never meet. they put their nij action it's packing meals for needy in parts of africa. they packed 10,000 meals for a group called helping happened and another called stop hunger now. this food is headed for bokina this food is headed for bokina faso a land locked country in africa the driest in the world and food becomes scarce and outside help goes a long way in helping people there. >> a blessing of a new community home on the ground of our lady of charity parish. it will serve as new home from clients of done qunela village for people with developmental delays this is second community
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home open on parish grounds as part of ongoing transition of catholic based facilities like these. >> a woman that put her heart and soul of cooking for others was remembered today in married more county. members of zion baptist church dedicated their new kitchen tone theresa jemison. she cooked for the sick. elderly and those that lost a loved one. she also cared for more than 25 foster children and many of them came today to honor her generous spirit. >> holocaust survivors shared story and wisdom with younger generation this afternoon in here in montgomery county. temple adopt israel hosted prepass over seder people of all ages took part in interactive service learning about the meaning of passover often called the season of freedom. they changed ideas on what freedom means to them. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. one man shares a secret for living well over the age of 100.
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>> jeff skversky has a check on sports and of course, villanova no surprise a one seed. temple left-out. >> range of emotion opens one side of is they and others with the road to final four in indy starts tonight for the wildcats. get the brackets out. everyone is penciling in villanova has a number one seed in the ncaa tournament after finishing with 3-2 record most wins in school history. let go live to jamie apody as villanova wildcats watch party where they're celebrating last night and reason to celebrate tonight, too, jamie. >> reporter: huge reason to
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celebrate. last night they won big east tournament and today announced as number one seed. look at video as wildcats learned they are number one seed in the east region. and it is excitement here in the conley center. this say big deal. they have not had number one seed since 2006 and they'll play a local school. that's right committee pairs them against lafayette out of easton pennsylvania, whose coach happened to go to villanova. and i'm joined right now by the man of the hour. villanova head coach jay wright. well, when you saw that one seed pop up had you to feel relief and pride. >> a lot of pride. i was not worried we would be a one seed. but being second, one seed and getting stay in east is honor. and it shows committee thinks highly of us we're humbled and proud. >> then you see the match-up. lafayette, whose coach went to. >> villanova. >> and was one of the all-time great at villanova and probably
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one of the most be loved players at villanova. villanova fans will be split on this one some of them. i do not like playing against friends and frany is more than a friend he's someone i have great respect for. he does a lot for our program to this day and they're really good. so, not a good match-up. not a good match-up. >> talk about the confidence your group. 15 straight wins, 32-2 best record in school history is the team flying high at the right time. >> we're playing well. sometimes you can get to this point and won games but may not be playing well. we're playing well and we're confident and that's the best thing you can have right now. you start a new season. start a new season. so we feel good. and it's just we have to get over getting this draw more emotionally than basketball-wise. >> it will be fine, smile jay. northbound one villanova wildcats. that's right this is fun, march madness. best time of year. sending it back to you. >> what trauma against lafayette
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and coach from villanova. while villanova had nothing to worry about selection sunday there's a different feeling down the street at temple. owls anxious nervous as they sit on bubble today hoping and praying they get one of those at large bids. temple does not get n they're not in the field of 68. they're among the final four teams left out despite a 23-10 record and 34 rpi and 25 pipt win over kansas back in december. their season ended yesterday to larry brown and smu. >> we would love to have been in the tournament. i think we were -- what i thought i saw we were second best rpi that was not included and it would have been nice to be in there. but the committee has a job to do. and they're given that charge. and you know we'll have to live with it. >> that's stuff for fran dumbfy and the always. moving on to alleluias out of ottawa.
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7 goals yesterday. hopefully they saved some left in the tank tonight. phillies mrentdty of offense today against boston. the fap attic on a time crunch looks like he wants dinner. chase utley r bixt single up three batting well and if he comes back from the ankle injury 7-4 lead and then to the six. how about a big piece of this. gone. it's second of the spring. howard knocked in two runs today. phillies win 11-4. they open the season in three weeks against this very boston team. next three weeks exciting around here. >> best time of the year right now. >> thank you, jeff. >> up next on "action news" a man celebrating his 106th birth day shares a secret to living a long life. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has the sklus every accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right
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>> melissa here now with the accuweather forecast. not the greatest weekend weather-wise. >> we're moving forward. we have the rain yesterday and chilly day today with blustery winds out of the u.s. improves tomorrow. stormtracker 6 double scan radar it's dry quiet. blustery wins today in philadelphia. they were as high as 38 miles an hour up in the poconos close to 50 miles an hour. the winds will slowly subside tonight and then we have some changes and warm air moves in as early as tomorrow. highlights today. winter chill overhead and bring
6:54 pm
preview as early as monday. we took a slight dip. high temperature 50 with moisture overhead and today we climbed up to 48. wind chills most of the day. they were in the 30s. spring preview on the way tomorrow. future tracker 6 temperatures showing you by 3:00 in the afternoon the numbers along the 95 corridor easily climbing to middle and upper 50s there may be some 60s popping up on the board late in the afternoon as well. outside this evening, 45 in the city. 39 allentown, 4 47 dover along the coast in wildwood and 40 lancaster and wind chills are still in the 30s and here's the reason why. you have blustery winds out of the northwest. gusting as high as 32 miles an hour currently in the city and gusts as high as 35 miles an hour in the poconos and gusts along the coast in atlantic city coming in at 33 miles an hour. winds will slowly subside and diminish as we go through the rest of tonight. satellite 6 and action radar showing areas of low pressure the same one responsible for producing more than inch across
6:55 pm
the region yesterday that departs north and east and clouds will slowly break out as we get into the rests of tonight. turning mainly clear during the overnight hours. so setup tomorrow we have a taste of spring on the way. tracking a warm front. cold front off to the west. this warm front lifts north. we stap into the west to south weshlly winds tomorrow. high temperature in philadelphia late in the day 60 degrees. some spots could be in the lower 60s and nice mixture of sunshine and clouds and warmer afternoon. keep in mind average for us this time of year is 53. we'll be well above that tomorrow. call from accuweather tonight breezy, cool turning mainly clear. later on tonight, 35 in the city for the low. 36 in cape may and 30 degrees in allentown for the overnight low. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you sunny and milder sunday coming in at 60 and st. patrick's day tuesday will be luck of irish. mostly cloudy. hi temperature 56. showers giving way to sunshine
6:56 pm
as we get to tuesday afternoon. and wednesday, brisk and chilly 4 2. not as cold on thursday. 48 degrees. spring arrives vernal equinox finally friday 6:45 in the evening temperature then of 45 and some rain likely as we get into friday night. tracking that closely. but enjoy 60 on the way tomorrow. >> spring in sight. >> yes, >> thank you melissa. >> a happy birthday 106 times over for a montgomery county man. a party held at souderton men might no for clarence muscleman who turns 106 tomorrow. he looks half that. family and friends mark the occasion and collar sense oldest of number of sent tearians at the home. he says the secret to longevity is to keep going. >> i can't believe he's 106. >> he looks fantastic. >> wow. >> great! >> "action news" returns at 11 tonight. >> don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight and back here again on 6abc at 11:00. >> for melissa jeff, sarah
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